Passion Sunday

Source: @schrenk on Twitter. ca. 1920s Passionist Parish mission

This week the Scala Santa in Rome (the steps from the praetorium of Pilate, upon which Jesus was condemned to death) are being uncovered. They have been covered with wood as to protect them. They will be uncovered for 60 days.

Friday morning I will make a pilgrimage there. I will take your intentions with me. I invite you to write to me via my contact page: here with your intention.

See how you can spread devotion to the Passion by assisting in the campaign to provide my publication of meditations on the Passion written by a Passionist priest for novices. May this little effort of ours bear much fruit in the reform of the Church, starting with our own souls and the souls of as many future priests we can reach! Find more information out at the BOOKS4SEMS campaign.

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