Who am I?

My name is Jacob Stein. I am a young Roman Catholic layman aspiring to live under the inspiration of the monastic life according to the Rule of Saint Paul of the Cross.

My prayers and sacrifices are united to this Holy Rule of our father, Saint Paul of the Cross. According to my circumstances, I strive to apply the maxims of this Rule to my daily life.

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Our inspiration:

Under the patrimony of Saint Paul of the Cross, I pray more gather inspired as Saint Mary Magdalene was prior to the Passion of Our Blessed Lord. It was she who gave example of how we should make reparation to Christ, Who in His Passion was spat upon, beaten, scourged, mocked. She, turning from a life of sin by the gentle voice of Our Lord, understood. She, with great sorrow for her sins, anointed our Lord’s Head with precious ointment and bathed His Feet with her tears, knowing that His Love would move Him to lay down His life for her, for you. So men must gather to do the same, to make reparation to Our Blessed Lord for the sins of mankind, for their own sins, and come to know ever more deeply the Love of Christ in His Passion, in His Crucifixion, so that they may be led, and lead souls, to the glory of the Resurrection!


Saint Gemma is also a particular patroness of this endeavor. It is she who is called, in death, foundress of the Passionist monastery at Lucca, though the very order refused her entry, in life. She is a perennial model, but is a model especially for our times. Her love for the Passion and her love for the Blessed Sacrament were one and the same. Jesus in the Eucharist and Jesus on the Cross would be throughout Gemma’s life the inseparable objects of her love. Sons of the Passion must gather also as sons of the Most Blessed Sacrament. They will love Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, the Gift given the night before He was betrayed. They will make reparation for this betrayal and for the lack of love and the many sacrileges and profanations against our Adorable Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. They will love Christ in the Eucharist, they will love Christ on the Cross!


May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts!


Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!
Saint Paul of the Cross, pray for us!
Servant of God John Baptist, brother of Paul, pray for us!
Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!
Saint Mary Magdalene, pray for us!
Saint Gemma, pray for us!

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings and blessings in the Hearts of Jesus Mary and Joseph and in the five sacred Wounds of Jesus …and His Most Precious Blood..Amen Please be assured of my prayers as you follow the Holy Spirit to initiate a reform of the Passionist life, if that is what you are doing. You also have my prayers and support as you are trying to live a life according to St Paul of the Cross. I’m the author of two books of St Gabriel the Passionist cleric and have been in the Passionist Archconfraternity since my teenage years. I have also been on the Passionist retreat team at one point and I’m a licensed therapist for children in crisis. I’ve always been surprised that a priest or brother from the ranks of the Passionists have not risen up to do a reform as Fr. Benedict Groechel did with his Franciscans of the Renewal for the Capuchins. I heard that John XXIII loved the Passionists and St Gabriel and he really lamented that the midnight office was dropped at the beginning of Vatican II; reportedly he said “..now the congregation will start to unravel..”. What a prophecy! I have tried to be friendly with the passionists and I love them very much …I’m sorry to say that the fabric of their life …theit public prayer and witnessing to the style and integrity of Saint Paul of the Cross’ monastic and missionary life seems to have unfolded into something else. It is good to see the Passionist nuns, most of them, living the charism to the best of their ability and still upholding the Holy Rule of the seraphic Founder. I heard that a group of Benedictine monks tried to wear the Sign of the Passion and to also follow the rule of Paul and that were forbidden because the Passionists have a patented copyright on the Sign. That all sounds so unbelievable to me ….are you forbidden or in an any way hampered from wearing the Sign in your new community which will emerge? Not that that would prevent you from living the inherent tenants of the Sacred Rule Please be assured of my prayers and I look forward to any information you have on the above comments I made. Sincerely in JXP, John Schweska

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