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I am working on a few projects. More will be added as I am able to complete them.

The first book is a compilation of the Necrology (account of his death) of Saint Gabriel, the Letters of Saint Gabriel, and his devout Resolutions by which he lived.

You can find this HERE for $12.00 + shipping [save 15%, use code LULU15, ends 23-Nov].

More information is at the link.

For those in the UK, you can purchase through Amazon at this link: HERE

For those in Europe, you can use the AmazonUK link or this link: HERE

There are often deals at Lulu Publishing, such as free shipping. This makes available my favorite format of the book (4.25 x 6.85 in. version). It is a nice pocket-size devotional. The Amazon formatting is a bit larger at 5.06 x 7.81 in.