Why Wednesday?: The Noah Initiative

For those of you who haven’t seen the ongoing initiative called “The Noah Initiative,” you can check it out HERE. No one has asked why Wednesday was chosen for the particular day of fasting, but it’s helpful to know these things to help foster the courage to continue in our devotions and commitments. In reality, […]

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O Crux Ave!

Prayer in honor of the Seventh Sorrow of Mary: The Burial of Jesus Most sorrowful Virgin, sorrow again filled your heart when the sacred body of your Son was taken from your arms, and placed in a cold grave. Yet you did not doubt that He would rise again. We should always look at the […]

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Fourth, Fifth, Sixth.

Prayer in honor of the Fourth Sorrow of Mary: The Meeting of Mary and Jesus on the Way to Calvary Most sorrowful Mother, who can fathom the grief of your heart when you saw your Son fall, wounded and bleeding under the crushing weight of the Cross, on the way to Calvary? Queen of Martyrs, let […]

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Second and Third…

Prayer in honor of the second sorrow of Mary: The Flight into Egypt Most sorrowful Mother, your Mother’s heart brimmed over with sorrow at the hate of Herod for your innocent Son. To save Him from the king’s jealousy, you had to flee with Him to Egypt. Your heart also suffered at seeing the suffering of […]

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First Sorrow:…

In honor of the First Sorrow: the Prophecy of Simeon Most Sorrowful Mother, grief filled was your heart when, on offering your divine Son at the temple, Holy Simeon foretold that a sword would pierce your soul. There and then you knew you would suffer with Jesus. Queen of Martyrs, let me unite my heart to […]

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