Novena: Day 7

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From Flowers of the Passion (Chapter: The Passion and the Crucifix):

When you are alone in your room, take your crucifix, kiss its five wounds reverently, tell  it to preach you a little sermon, and then listen to the words of eternal life that it speaks to your heart listen to the pleading of the thorns, the nails, the precious Blood. Oh! what an eloquent sermon!



Novena: Day 3

Day 3 of the Novena to Saint Paul of the Cross: Click HERE.

From the Life of Saint Paul of the Cross:

The Saint possessed extraordinary power over the devil. While giving a mission in Orbetello, there was a great commotion in the soldiers’ barracks. One of the soldiers, screaming in terror, was being dragged and jostled by an invisible force. St. Paul was brought to the scene and with his Crucifix held high, he commanded the spirit to depart. When the devil resisted, he ordered the soldier to make an act of contrition. The Saint then demanded the departure of the devil. No longer able to resist, the evil spirit left. The soldier confessed his sins and thereafter enjoyed peace of soul and mind.

Novena to Saint Paul of the Cross: 20-Apr-28-Apr

Please add to your petitions the founding of a monastery according to the 1775 Rule of Saint Paul of the Cross:


Prayer to Saint Paul of the Cross seeking his holy intercession

O! glorious Saint Paul of the Cross, you were chosen by God to profess to all of humanity the bitter sufferings of His only-begotten Son, and to spread devotion to the Passion of Jesus throughout the world.

By your preaching and holy example Jesus converted thousands of sinners through you by bringing them to the foot of the Cross to repent of their sins, thereby obtaining for them His infinite forgiveness and mercy! May Jesus be blessed for His extraordinary grace that was so often made present in your life, and for the many miracles He worked through you for the conversion of souls!

O! blessed St Paul of the Cross, turning towards you now I ask that from your place with Jesus and Mary in heaven that you may look mercifully upon my poor soul and hear my prayers, and with all of your love humbly present them to Jesus for me (mention petitions).

Obtain for me also a great love of Jesus suffering, that by frequent meditation on His Passion I may take up my own cross and accept with holy resignation the sufferings that God has permitted in my life. Help me to suffer and to sacrifice in union with Jesus for the conversion of my poor soul, the souls of my loved ones, and for all of humanity. Help me to love Jesus and Mary with all of my heart, and intercede for me that I may, by the grace of God, die a holy death, and come at last to enjoy with you the blessed Presence of Jesus and Mary in Heaven for all of eternity.

One Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be….

I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN +

May the Passion of Christ be ever in our hearts! St Paul of the Cross, pray for us!

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