In our prayer…

In our prayer, let us not forget that we are before the Lord. This forgetfulness can take on many forms: we can consider our prayer as insignificant, we can throw away the rubrics or actions which have been handed down to us, we can make up rubrics or actions, we can become so fixated on rubrics and the external form of worship….

We are at an interesting time in the life of the Church. Christ tells us: “I desire mercy, not sacrifice” (Mt 9:13) – if we partake in the Sacrifice of Christ, and forget His mercy, His love, His motive – then we make liars of Christ as He hangs on the cross.

We can’t know or make a judgment about the interior lives of others. But we can look at ourselves. Are our eyes fixed on the Lord when we pray? Especially when we assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass…

New Book Project

As most of you are aware, Filii Passionis has been striving to provide pertinent and profound print publications, in a clean and affordable style, for the Catholic striving to deepen his or her faith.

It has come to our attention that a resource is needed to help priests, religious and faithful alike in delving deeper into the texts of the Holy Mass. Something that seems to be lacking is a comprehensive resource in an accessible form for a fuller understanding of the readings (Epistles and Gospels) of the traditional liturgical year. With that in mind, our next book project will be assembling from the Church Fathers and the Medieval Fathers, in a classic hardcover form, a compiled resource for easy reflection and study on the Scripture readings for Sundays and Major Feasts throughout the year.

We began a crowdfunding effort at the onset of this project for a couple of reasons: 1, to complete the project in a timely manner during the course of this coming summer; and, 2, this will permit Filii Passionis to provide work for students currently studying in Rome. GO HERE TO PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR THIS PROJECT. Again, your help is needed in spreading news about this campaign and effort.

Please spread the news about this campaign Рwe are very excited to provide this work, for our own growth and development in preparing it, and for the fruit that will come from the work, assisting a study of the Scriptures, the liturgical year, and a greater depth in the spiritual life. 

For those who donate over $200 to this project, you will receive a complimentary copy of the compilation and a copy of our most popular publication: Meditations from the School of Jesus Crucified. [For these donors: Please include your address in the comment form for your donation to receive your complimentary books].

And as always, check out our publications HERE. Everything is presently discounted.

First Friday: May 2019

A respite from the social media fast for Paschaltide.

You can find the First Friday Devotions: HERE

I will be announcing a new book project that I will need your help promoting. Filii Passionis will be looking for some funding in order to get the project off the ground and to speed along the initial stages of typesetting and planning. The goal of this project will be to produce a work that assists the faithful and priests with a resource to dive more deeply into the Epistles and Gospels throughout the liturgical year. More to come!

Happy Easter!

Dear Friends, I wish you a Blessed and Happy Easter! My time in Venice was very beautiful – and the community was very grateful for the assistance of my American priest friends – allowing Solemn liturgies to be celebrated during Holy Week.

In these days of Paschaltide, I will be taking a break from social media. I ask your prayers in this regard. A priest pointed out to me recently how Jesus appears individually to disciples after the Resurrection – he told me to let Jesus do the same to me, and to ask Him for what I need. I encourage the readers of Filii Passionis to not be afraid to be honest with Our Lord. Tell Him what you need, He knows already, but He likes to hear it from you. Be brutally honest with Jesus. Without this, you may not be being honest with yourself.

After Vespers and Benediciton with the Patriarch of Venice on Easter Sunday