Unusual times call for…Unusual posts!

I know views from the sacristy can be enchanting, but this one tops the charts. A strange course of events led to a lack of power today at the Church! But that’s no problem. It only means we needed more candles! Enjoy the picture of this seemingly early ‘Rorate’ Mass!

ownership: Jacob Stein www.passioxp.wordpress.com

Also, enjoy this image of the whole Church. It isn’t as impressive as a Rorate Mass, but it’s an interesting situation and everyone seemed to love the peace and quiet!

Ownership: Jacob Stein www.passioxp.wordpress.com RORATE ChiesaThanks to our visiting priest for assisting with the evening Mass.

One thought on “Unusual times call for…Unusual posts!

  1. The traditional Catholic mass is incredibly beautiful. The more you understand about it, the more beauty you find.


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