Let us make resolutions to learn about our Holy Lord. Let us not miss the opportunity to kneel before Him as He lies in the crib.

We know what it means to look at a baby in his crib, do we know what it means to give our hearts to our Infant King as He sleeps, coos, and plays?

A resource shared by recently:


There are pdfs you can download, texts to read online, and audio books to which you can listen.

I will be listening to the Cloud of Unknowing and see what else I can read. Spiritual reading is necessary in these days and in this challenging time. Let it lead you towards prayer. Don’t think you need to just consume the words.

Merry Christmas! And a blessed New Year!

Remember to pray for the poor souls in purgatory during the Octave of Christmas. Our Lord is especially mercifully to the poor souls during the octave.

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