From the life of Saint Paul of the Cross

The Saint possessed extraordinary power over the devil. While giving a mission in Orbetello, there was a great commotion in the soldiers’ barracks. One of the soldiers, screaming in terror, was being dragged and jostled by an invisible force. St. Paul was brought to the scene and with his Crucifix held high, he commanded the spirit to depart. When the devil resisted, he ordered the soldier to make an act of contrition. The Saint then demanded the departure of the devil. No longer able to resist, the evil spirit left. The soldier confessed his sins and thereafter enjoyed peace of soul and mind. 

[Taken from: www(dot)saintpaulofthecross(dot)com]

This is a bit late in coming liturgically, but concerning the Good Shepherd, the book I am reading right now, Spiritual Combat by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli, calls to mind the great charity of the Good Shepherd. It says,

All that He demands is that we turn to Him with complete confidence. Can anything be more reasonable? The amiable Shepherd for thirty-three years or more sought after the lost sheep through thorn-roughened ways, with so much pain that it cost Him the last drop of His Sacred Blood. When this devoted Shepherd see His strayed sheep finally returning to Him with the desire of being guided in the future by Him alone, and with a sincere, though perhaps weak intention of obeying Him, is it possible that He would not look upon it with pity, listen to its cries, and bear it upon His shoulders to the fold? Doubtless he is greatly pleased to see it united again to the flock, and invites the Angels to rejoice with Him on the occasion.

Let us pray the novena of Saint Paul of the Cross with a great reliance on the Saint’s intercession and with a great trust in the Good Shepherd, for He is seeking us out, and trusting in ourselves will not get us very far…

You can find the novena here.

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