Two Things: Gratitude and Holiness for Each Day

A lot of things can be fixed by harvesting gratitude. So often we have little frustrations, annoyances, impatient moments with those whom we love, grudges, and judgments. These all are a waste of our time. We lose sight of the gifts we have been given from our Gracious Lord. And we disrupt our peace of soul by worrying about petty things. This brings me to the second point of reflection.

I’ve received news that is contrary to what I thought best. Though it is a source of sadness for me, I was reminded of so many memories filled with graces, especially those of charity and counsel. Graces which have formed who I am today and my desire for holiness. For these, incomprehensible to my understanding they may have been and might continue to be, I must always have gratitude. These memories taught me something in a deeper way than I had previously considered. It was that I can’t hold onto memories or desire to control my circumstances as a way to preserve these memories, wanting them never to change, wanting them to remain familiar.

This is something that I will be thinking about for quite some time. How true it is that we don’t know what tomorrow brings, or even what today will bring. What we do know is that we have been given the grace to arise this morning, to love and to serve our Lord, in whatever may come.

This isn’t to say, I can’t cherish my memories or have a fondness for them. In fact, we should use them to spur on our charity, especially in praying for the sanctity of those who are so dear to us, this affinity is a good thing. The joys of friendship, those truly rooted in charity, are just a little taste of blessedness in Heaven. Let these relationships, first be founded in a deeper relationship with Christ, the perfect Friend, and let them increase your desire for Eternal Life!

Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, make our hearts like unto Thine!


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