Beginning of the Day

I have included in this post the formula of the morning offering and prayers recommended in The School of Jesus Crucified. I recommend you create a calendar notification for every morning to make these prayers part of your morning routine. It works great to copy the prayers into the notes section on the calendar entry, and then make it a recurring event.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Jesus, Mary. 
I adore Thee, O my God; I love Thee with my whole heart; I thank Thee for all the blessings Thou hast bestowed upon me, and especially for dying for me on the Cross, shedding all Thy blood for the salvation of my soul, and preserving me in life up to the present moment; to Thee I consecrate my heart and my whole self.
I BELIEVE, O Lord; but do Thou increase my faith. All my hopes are in Thee; do Thou secure them. I love Thee with my whole heart; teach me to love Thee daily more and more. I am sorry for having offended Thee; do Thou increase my sorrow. O my God, grant that my will may be ever conformable to Thine, so that I may will whatever Thou willest, because it is Thy Will, and in the manner Thou willest. Grant that I may in everything seek to please Thee, and to promote Thy greater glory. Grant that I may strenuously labor to serve Thee faithfully, to observe the greatest modesty in my deportment, preserve my purity unsullied, overcome every temptation, avoid all occasions of sin, and persevere in Thy grace. To Thee, O my God, do I offer all my thoughts, that they may ever be wholly Thine; my words, that they may always be conformable to Thy Will; my actions, that they may all be in accordance with Thy law; and my sufferings, that they may be made acceptable in Thy sight. I offer every breath I draw, every step I take, and all my labors, cares, anxieties, sorrows, weaknesses, and feelings of repugnance to suffering, in union with the infinite merits of Jesus Christ, and the Dolors of the most Blessed Virgin Mary. I offer them all to Thee in honor of the Passion and Death of my Redeemer, in satisfaction for my sins, to obtain the eternal salvation of poor sinners, and by way of suffrage for the holy souls in Purgatory. 

(Often renew these intentions, and you will thus sanctify all the actions of the day.) 

O my God, bestow upon me the gift of Thy love, a sincere hatred for every kind of sin, love for my neighbor, and a contempt of the world. Make me prudent in my undertakings, constant in good works, patient in affliction, humble in prosperity, and resigned to Thy holy Will in whatever may befall me. Enlighten my understanding, in order that I may know Thee, O my God, to love Thee, the vanities of the world to abhor them, the deceits of the devil to avoid them, and the malice of sin to detest it. Impart strength and fervor to my will, so that it may never yield to any of the fatal insinuations of the devil, but may courageously resist all temptations. Purify my body, and sanctify my soul. Grant that I may spend this day in preparing for a good death, that I may fear Thy judgments, endeavor to escape Hell, never fall into sin, and gain Heaven through Thy great mercy. Amen.
Ave. Ave. Ave.

O MOST holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, although most unworthy of being thy servant yet inspired with confidence in thy extreme goodness, and filled with an earnest desire of serving thee, I, N________ N________, this day choose thee, in the presence of thy Son, of my Angel Guardian, and of the whole Court of Heaven, for my especial Advocate, Mother, and Queen, and I firmly purpose, with the assistance of thy prayers, to serve thee constantly, and to do all that lies in my power to cause thee to be served by all men. I therefore humbly beseech thee, O most compassionate Mother, through the Precious Blood of thy holy Son, to receive me as thy devout client and thy servant forever, assist me in all my actions, and obtain grace for me, that I may so regulate all my thoughts, words, and deeds, as never to offend thy Son Jesus. Forget me not, and never forsake me, either now or at the hour of my death. Amen.
Make meditation of 30 minutes, begin by using these initial acts.

An Act of Faith: 

I BELIEVE, O my God, that Thou art here present. Wherever I direct the eyes of my mind, there do I find Thee. O how wonderful and incomprehensible is the omnipresence of my God! Thou dost deign to converse with me during this hour, and to communicate Thyself to my poor soul with so much love and condescension. O how great is the goodness of my God! 
An Act of Adoration: 

O MY God, from out of the deep abyss of my nothingness, I humbly adore Thy infinite Majesty and Greatness with my whole heart and soul. I acknowledge Thee for my First Beginning, and my most blessed Last End, for my great and only Good, and for my All in time and eternity. I would willingly adore Thee as Thou dost deserve, and as my own heart desires to adore Thee, but since I never could succeed in so doing, I offer Thee all the acts of adoration which have been, or will be offered to Thee for eternity by the Saints and Angels in Heaven, and by the blessed Virgin, as also those made by the most holy Soul of Jesus Christ now and during all eternity. Accept them, O my God, in the place of those which I am unable to offer Thy Sovereign Majesty. 
An Act of Humility: 

WHO am I, O my God, that I should dare to present myself before Thy infinite Majesty? I am a most wretched creature, or rather, an abyss of nothingness, an abominable sinner immersed in a sink of uncleanness. I am an abyss of sin and misery, deserving of nothing but Hell, where I should long ago have dwelt, had not Thy mercy so lovingly delivered me. I acknowledge, O my God, my great unworthiness, and I confess that I deserve to be forever banished from Thee; nevertheless in Thy infinite condescension Thou dost call, invite, and command me to come to Thee, to address Thee, and to converse with Thee. How great must be Thy goodness, O my God, who disdaineth not to admit me to familiar intercourse with Thee! I most profoundly humble myself before Thy Divine Majesty, and from out of the abyss of my sins and nothingness do I raise my voice in suppliant accents to implore Thy mercy. 
An Act of Contrition: 

HAVE mercy on me, O my God; I repent of having so often offended Thee, and I am deeply grieved at having by my sins outraged Thy infinite goodness, O Thou who hast loved and still lovest me to such a degree. Would that my grief were such as might break this heart which has dared to be unfaithful to Thee. I promise Thee, with the help of Thy grace, never more to return to my hateful sins, and rather to forfeit life itself than Thy love. 

An Act of Petition:

BEHOLD me then, my God, prostrate at Thy feet, for the purpose of beginning my meditation; O do Thou assist me by Thy grace that my soul may be benefited by it; do Thou enlighten my mind that I may know how much Thou hast loved me, and give an impulse to my will that I may form an efficacious resolution of loving Thee. Give me courage to devote myself without delay to the fulfillment of Thy Will, whatever it may be, and grace faithfully to correspond with all Thy holy inspirations. Most holy Virgin Mary, my dear Mother, and thou, my blessed Angel Guardian, obtain for me the assistance necessary to make this meditation in a manner profitable to me.

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