O Most Holy Name, Jesus!

O Most Holy Name, Jesus, I praise you!

It is still the Christmas season. And today we are blessed to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus! Let His Name be on our lips and in our hearts, through this Most Glorious and Precious Name, Jesus, let us give glory to God for His salvific work, for He saves! He alone saves!

Please pray for the family of friends. One of their family members suffered a tragic accident at dinner on New Year’s Eve and he is currently surviving with the assistance of machines. Moments like these are scary and confusing for us. There aren’t even words to console those troubled by such tragedies.

We know not the time, nor the hour. And so we must pray for this man. God’s ways are way above our ways and we cannot judge or even begin to understand such circumstances of tragedies like these. But we trust in His ways! And when souls are involved we must always pray that they received the graces to love God and to have true sorrow for their sons. And these prayers are efficacious! And how sweet a Name we can pray in, Jesus!

Prayer to the Holy Name – St. Alphonsus

O my Jesus, thou art the Savior who hast given Thy blood and Thy life for me, I pray Thee to write Thy adorable name on my poor heart; so that having it always imprinted in my heart by love, I may also have it ever on my lips, by invoking it in all my necessities.  If the devil tempts me, Thy name will give me strength to resist him; if I lose confidence, Thy name will animate me to hope; If I am in affliction, Thy name will comfort me, by reminding me of all Thou hast endured for me.  If I find myself cold in Thy love, Thy name will inflame me by reminding me of the love Thou hast shown me.  I have fallen into so many sins, because I did not call on Thee; from henceforth Thy name shall be my defense, my refuge, my hope, my only consolation, my only love.  Thus do I hope to live, and so do I hope to die, having Thy name always on my lips.

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