Reflections on the Passion

Some have already started to try to figure out what penances they will take up for Lent. For Lent, I am going to reproduce short meditations and exhortations from a little book I own entitled Reflections on the Passion, by Father Charles Hugo Doyle. The work was published in 1956 by The Bruce Publishing Company. Take on prayer this Lent. Take 15 minutes of your day to read and reflect on the posts that will be reproduced here.

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And now to the introduction of Reflections on the Passion:

Love moves and governs all things. Tell me what you love, and I shall tell you what you are. If your love is for the world, you are its slave. If your love is for Jesus Christ, you are free; you are becoming conformed to His image; your conversations, that is your life and conduct even here below, are continually in heaven.


Jesus Christ is alone worthy of your whole heart. But you cannot love Him if you do not know Him. It is not enough to know that “God so loved the world as to give His only-begotten Son,” that “He emptied Himself out,” and that “He laid down His life for His flock.” We must know the details of His sufferings, if we would know the excess of His love.

The meditations, that is, reflections, on the Passion will provide short, pointed considerations for quiet prayer. May they be a benefit to your spiritual life and an assistance through the journey of Lent, wherein we conform ourselves to Christ, and put off the world, the flesh, and the devil.


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