Gratitude to a wonder-worker!

A happy Feast of Saint Philomena to you! (Late in the day, with time to reflect on her magnificent work).

Today, I received in the mail, printed copies of the adapted Rule of life written by Saint Paul of the Cross in 1775. It took me years to find the Rule and then the past year to study and adapt it to our current times, without sacrificing the original intent of Saint Paul of the Cross. 

I truly owe this work to Saint Philomena. I was doing house chores as the package arrived this afternoon with the copies of the Rule. I wasn’t expecting the package for a couple more days, but I shouldn’t have underestimated Saint Philomena. 

I was hit between the eyes when I held a copy in my hands. I was able to experience in a more profound way what it means to live a Holy Rule. 

My thought was that I am not worthy to embrace such a life. Domine, non sum dignus….

Flipping through the pages of the Rule, one might feel constricted by its commands. The counsels migbt seem for an age gone past. But in all this anticipation, and finally in the realization, of a scripted Rule of life I have come to see and understand just how freeing such a life can be. 

So I give thanks to God this day for the beautiful work of His virgin-Martyr, Saint Philomena!

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