A Pilgrim at Fátima

So first reaction to Fatima has taken me aback a bit. I didn’t know what to expect really. And to be honest, it is difficult to go to a place that doesn’t regularly have the Traditional Latin Mass. I told a friend today that I always feel very far from home without this availability. A group of pilgrims will come late tomorrow evening with a priest of the FSSP, so I will be able to go to the TLM on Friday and Saturday. 

Truly our Lady is present here. It could have been the exhaustion and long journey. I felt really unprepared, spiritually speaking (or at least concerning any knowledge about the Shrine and the stories), I mean, I know the basic story and our Lady’s message for the Consecration to her Immaculate Heart, the five first Saturdays, and the trials and sufferings of the three little pastors, but I felt unprepared. 

Basilica of the Rosary

I was walking up the steps to the Basilica of the Rosary and I saw the image of the Immaculate Heart. And the words Our Lady said: “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” I started to tear up. But there are so many people, that a guy can’t just cry. And it was all new to me. I was happy that the Basilica had a traditional structure (with some, or a lot, of modern art, but as a friend of mine says, “after the triumph of the Immaculate Heart….”). I was trying to figure out what was going on internally. I mentioned above the aspect of the TLM not being in Fatima; there is also the aspect of this year being the centennial of the apparitions here. It is obvious that we aren’t following our Lady’s commands at Fatima. 

This is weighing on my heart. After relating this and the consolation that brought tears to my eyes to a friend, the response was very selfless, while I was thinking about the consolation I had just received. My friend said: “Offer it up to console her heart!” 

This is something that a lot of us need to hear. For me, there has been a lot of confusion, sadness, joy, peace, and anger today. And this is our daily interior life at times. At the end of the day, are we going to kneel before Our Lord, with Our Lady standing there with an Immaculate Heart pierced with sorrow for love of you and me, and offer all of it to Him? Might I suggest one thing? Ask Our Lady, hiding yourself in her Heart, just how she wants you to do this. She will help you. 

One thought on “A Pilgrim at Fátima

  1. This is beautiful, Jacob! I hope you are being spiritually enriched at Fatima. May Our Lady continue to shelter you in her immaculate heart and usher you deeper and deeper into the mystery of Christ.


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