Novena to Our Lady of Fatima: Day 3

The site of the second visitation, nearer the homes of the children.

Meditation for the 3rd day of the Novena, followed by the Novena prayer:

In the second visitation of Saint Michael to the three little children in the summer of 1916, he urged them to pray. It was a lesson for them and remains a lesson for us on perseverance in prayer. Not only on perseverance, but the words also give insight to the mystery of the grace of being able to commune with God in prayer. 

On this Friday, the day of Our Lord’s Passion, let us kneel down and hear Saint Michael, our guardian angel, the choirs of angels and saints, speak these words to us:

“What are you doing? Pray! Pray very much! The Hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy on you. Offer prayers and sacrifices constantly to the Most High.”

Little Lucia asked, “How are we to make sacrifices?”

The Angel responded, “Make of everything you can a sacrifice, and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinners…Above all, accept and bear with submission on the suffering which the Lord will send you.”

Most Holy Virgin, who deigned to come to Fatima to reveal to the three little shepherds the treasures of graces hidden in the recitation of the Rosary, inspire our hearts with a sincere love of this devotion, so that by meditating on the mysteries of our redemption that are recalled in it, we may gather the fruits and obtain the conversion of sinners, the conversion of Russia and this favor which I so earnestly seek,

(Mention your Request)

which I ask of thee in this novena, for the greater Glory of God, for thine own honor and for the good of all people. Amen.

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