Heart of Christ

I have picked up my hobby of painting here in Rome. It is a hobby that I am not incredible at, but it helps me to focus on one thing. I have found that it’s a great thing for some people to find such a hobby. 

Also, it is my custom to go to confession on Thursdays. And tonight I was grateful for the words of the priest, especially with it being the day upon which Our Lord gave Himself to us in the Most Blessed Sacrament at the Last Supper.

The priest told me to place all of my sins in the Heart of Jesus. It is from His Heart that all graces come for us to live a Christian life in the world. 

He continued:

Also, it is necessary to have recourse to Mary, the Queen of Prayer. 

I dont remember the rest of what the priest said except for my penance.

But it was enough to hear about the mercies of the Heart of Christ and to hear this beautiful title of Our Lady as the Queen of Prayer. 

How much does Our Lady want to teach us in communicating to God in prayer!

Will we follow her promptings?

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