First Friday: February 2018


An excerpt from the next publication of Filii Passionis [a pocket-size book of mediations for 31 days]:

Contemplate Jesus in the hands of sinners, loaded with chains, and bound with cords; enter in thought with all possible reverence into His sacred Heart, and see how He suffers not so much from those chains and cords as from the sight of the sins of the whole world, with which He is loaded, and which form a chain so oppressive and painful as to overwhelm and bow Him down to the ground. Yet He submits to its weight with the most heroic fortitude through His earnest desire of breaking it asunder, and liberating our souls. O infinite mercy of my Jesus! Thou art intent solely upon delivering and saving me, while I, instead of compassionating Thee thus bound, and breaking asunder those chains which torture and oppress Thee, increase their weight by adding to the number of my sins. I beseech Thee, my sweet Jesus, that now, once for all, I may put a stop to such malice. May I now at least begin to return Thee love for love.

For the First Friday devotions, go HERE


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