Poverty of Heart

You will find the name of Jesus engraved on the countenances of the poor. Have courage, ye poor of Christ, because heaven is for the poor.

Saint Paul of the Cross

Today, my professor of fundamental moral theology spoke of our relationship with Christ. He has been stressing over the past few lessons the difficulty that comes with separating the moral life, what we do and what we consider our obligations in life, and our spiritual life, of which the end is ETERNAL BLESSEDNESS, the joy of heaven! But this joy is something to be lived here and now!

He mentioned most poignantly today, the poverty of spirit that we all have. He said, God is waiting for us to call out to Him in this poverty. He said, we shouldn’t hesitate to use our “power” to call out in this poverty, for God will be moved by this call. God is bound by only one thing, His Love! To call to Him in our poverty of spirit, God will surely come with haste, with eagerness.

Don’t hesitate to call out to God. Kneel down. No word is too little to say to God. No sigh is misunderstood by God.

Remember, it was from the Cross, in the most excruciating sufferings of body and soul, that Christ said, “I thirst!” He is thirsting for your soul. He is eager to fill the poverty of your soul, your offering with His Graces and to do so abundantly!

XII Station at my childhood parish Church


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