Our Lady’s Lent: Vox Patris

From the voice of the holy Father of the Passionists, from the Passionist Bulletin of the Holy Cross Province, number 7, 9 July 1944:

“As regards the Lenten Devotion before the Feast of the Assumption in honor of our Blessed Lady, I say that it begins on the day after the Feast of St. Peter; during this time, with the merit of obedience, you may abstain from fruit; this will also be well for your health. Every day you may recite three Paters and three Aves to thank the Blessed Trinity for the graces and gifts and favors bestowed upon Mary at her Assumption into heaven.” Letters of St. Paul of the Cross, III, 390.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 12.54.36 PM
Vittore Crivelli

“Pray for me and for the Congregation, especially during this Lent of the Blessed Virgin.” Letters of St. Paul of the Cross, III, 190.



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