Praises of Our Lady

Holy water stoop at an oratory near Sant’Ignazio

From the upcoming publication from Filii Passionis. [You can find our other works HERE.] UPDATE: the newest publication Devotion to the Blessed Virgin is available HERE.

This universal power of the Blessed Virgin is so well recognised by the Church that, for every kind of grace, its members apply to her as to the source from which they flow.

Our Lady of Miracles at Sant’Andrea delle fratte. Where St. Maximilian Kolbe said his first Mass.

The Church, throughout the world, honours her by every conceivable title which may animate the confidence of her children. She calls her “Our Lady of Consolation,” and honours her in many churches and chapels under this title. This she does out of regard for such as are afflicted. In other places she is invoked as “Our Lady of Mercy;” this, again, is for the sake of those who are afflicted in mind or body. Here she is invoked under the title of “Our Lady of Hope,” as a remedy against despair; there, under that of “Our Lady of Grace,” as an antidote to temptation to sin. She is called “Our Lady of Refuge,” against the persecutions of our enemies, visible, and invisible; “Our Lady of Peace,” in opposition to all trouble and discord; “Our Lady of Light,” as opposed to the darkness of ignorance and error; “Our Lady of Good Succor,” as against the abandonment of creatures; “Our Lady of Remedy,” as ministering to sickness of soul or body; “Our Lady of the Dying,” as patroness of a happy death; “Our Lady Liberator,” as fighting against the captivity of the people and the tyranny of men; “Our Lady of Victory,” as the strength of Christian armies; “Our Lady of Good Encounter; Our Lady All-powerful,” in order to designate her power. Thus, too, of the other titles applied to Mary, which are all well calculate to excite confidence and bring great consolation to the hearts of the faithful.

At San Giovanni Battista dei Fiorentini

All these beautiful titles convey better than any explanation the opinion held by the Church as to the limitless power conferred by Jesus on His Divine Mother, and they must teach us to look to her for all the benefits they suggest.

Thence springs the universal desire of Mary’s patronage, witnessed throughout the Church in all ages, in every condition, and in each country where the Christian religion is known.

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  1. Dear Jacob, didn’t you mention a publication from Filii Passionis for your donors …? Sorry to ask – but I didn’t receive one yet. And this upcoming publication would interest me so much. And I wanted to ask … before I order it. Thank you for the lovely pictures especially the Holy water stoop. Yours, in Christ Susanne


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