Feast of the Holy Name!

O Most Holy Name, Jesus, I praise you!

This is a feast close to my heart, as I am sure it is to many of you. For there is no sweeter Name than that of Jesus, and whenever my lips utter His Name, so follows that of Mary.

It is a feast that strengthens my confidence in the salvific will of Jesus, and in the victory of the Holy Cross, upon which Jesus offered Himself. But there is also sorrow on this day. I recall all those in the course of my life who have fallen away from the love of Christ and have refused the sweet balm of His Most Holy Name.

There are a few reasons this is the case, but I’ll share one. There is so much power in a name, it signifies the nature of a thing, of a person. It’s a far stretch in how I think about this, but for those whose name I’ve been able to call upon, in friendship, and now who have fallen away, there is such a great sadness in their rejection of the power of the Name of Jesus. The Name of Jesus becomes a condemnation for them, until they recognize once again Its sweetness.

But. I can say this. Having lost contact with these people, by circumstances or by my own choice, there is a sense of duty to pray and fast for their salvation, and all the while, knowing that I too, when I call upon the Name of Jesus must do so with a pure intention, and truly spurring myself on in the way of perfection when I cry: Jesus, save me!

Prayer to the Holy Name – St. Alphonsus

O my Jesus, thou art the Savior who hast given Thy blood and Thy life for me, I pray Thee to write Thy adorable name on my poor heart; so that having it always imprinted in my heart by love, I may also have it ever on my lips, by invoking it in all my necessities.  If the devil tempts me, Thy name will give me strength to resist him; if I lose confidence, Thy name will animate me to hope; If I am in affliction, Thy name will comfort me, by reminding me of all Thou hast endured for me.  If I find myself cold in Thy love, Thy name will inflame me by reminding me of the love Thou hast shown me.  I have fallen into so many sins, because I did not call on Thee; from henceforth Thy name shall be my defense, my refuge, my hope, my only consolation, my only love.  Thus do I hope to live, and so do I hope to die, having Thy name always on my lips.

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