A blessed Pentecost!

I pray you have a Blessed Pentecost and that you ask every day for the assistance of the Holy Ghost, for His Gifts and His Inspiration.

A quick update, exams will finish this week and I will finish packing up my room. I’ll be moving at the start of the coming academic year to another community under the patrimony of St. Philip Neri. Er Pippo, as he is affectionately called here in Rome, will become an even closer friend, as I strive to learn from him his apostolic ways, as the “third apostle of Rome”.

I ask for your prayers as continue in these efforts, and your patience, as I haven’t been able to give much time to blogging. The Easter Fast of social media was very helpful in preparation for Pentecost. It is important to find times of the year, outside of Advent and Lent, where we can do prolonged periods of abstinence from something.

And, in other news, the Patristics project, a compilation of the Sunday readings with commentary from the Church Fathers, has begun. Some more support is still needed, please consider helping and more importantly please share the news of this project – I am really excited about this one. More can be learned here: Patristics Project Donate.

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