Feast of the Sacred Heart


Clad in a vestment wrought with passion-flowers;
Celebrant of one Passion; called by name
Passionist: is thy world, one world with ours?
Thine, a like heart? Thy very soul, the same?

Thou pleaders an eternal sorrow: we
Praise the still changing beauty of this earth.
Passionate good and evil, thou dost see:
Our eyes behold the dreams of death and birth.

We love the joys of men: we love the dawn,
Red with the sun, and with the pure dew pearled
Thy stern soul feels, after the sun withdrawn,
How much pain goes to perfecting the world.

Canst thou be right? Is thine the very truth?
Stands then our life in so forlorn a state?
Nay, but thou wrongest us: thou wrong’s our youth,
Who dost our happiness compassionate.

And yet! and yet! O royal Calvary!
Whence divine sorrow triumphed through years past:
Could ages bow before mere memory?
Those passion-flowers must blossom, to the last.

Purple they bloom, the splendour of a King:
Crimson they bleed, the sacrament of Death:
About our thrones and pleasaunces they cling,
Where guilty eyes read, what each blossom saith.


And today, as every day, but today especially so, we must look to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Every beat we hear, every drop of Blood we perceive, we MUST cry out: Jesus, mercy! Jesus, meek and humble of Heart, make our hearts like unto Thine! Our life cannot stop at the accusation against ourselves. Our life cannot avoid that reality, that human condition, wherein we struggle – struggle and yet not lose hope. Our life must be integrated, not sentimental, but integrated, wherein that beat of the Heart of Jesus is recognized as fleshy – the most proper of fleshiness, of Man; and, that, in the same heartbeat, we rest and perceive the heartbeat of God. 

And, in other news, the Patristics project, a compilation of the Sunday readings with commentary from the Church Fathers, has begun. Some more support is still needed, please consider helping and more importantly please share the news of this project – I am really excited about this one. More can be learned here: Patristics Project Donate.

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