The Noah Initiative

I hear often the frustration that Catholics have – or it is seen all over social media (in good ways and bad) – regarding the use of the rainbow in the gay agenda. And, yes, we tend to cringe at the flags and the themed merchandise…it’s everywhere.

For years, I’ve been wanting to figure out a way, a simple way, not THE best way, but the best way that I am able, to assist in helping our Catholic brothers and sisters who struggle with same sex attraction (SSA) and strive to live chaste lives. It touches the aspects of human life that we cherish the most: our relationships. And, therefore, it can be a real difficult fight. And I want to help our brothers and sisters in this fight. And I want your help as well. We are weak alone..but together we are strong. And this is hopeful. And it’s this hope which is driving this initiative, this reclaiming of the rainbow.

Some of you may have seen the page already – it launched last week. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the first day of fasting in The Noah Initiative and I just wanted to say a bit more in this regard.

The intention for this fast: for all men and women who struggle with same sex attraction, for the conversion of those who live a homosexual lifestyle, and, in general, for an increase of a culture of chastity inside and outside the Church. 

It’s a simple initiative. And I pray it will grow. We can complain. We can post on social media. Tweet our thumbs away…But this initiative is meant to reclaim that sign of hope. The hope the Christ gives us every day, in HIS GRACE. And strive to do this together, united. It’s easy to sow division… so easy. It’s much harder to do the opposite.

There are short invocations to say for the above intention and the full explanation on The Noah Initiative HERE.

God reward you for joining in with this Initiative! I need your help to spread the word. And please go to the above link and fill out the form – I don’t know how this initiative will grow. But it will be helpful to have the numbers and contacts as to give you the progress and growth of the initiative.

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