Why Wednesday?: The Noah Initiative

For those of you who haven’t seen the ongoing initiative called “The Noah Initiative,” you can check it out HERE.

No one has asked why Wednesday was chosen for the particular day of fasting, but it’s helpful to know these things to help foster the courage to continue in our devotions and commitments. In reality, this day of fasting is for you to make some sacrifice. But, as Scripture says, some demons are only driven out by prayer and fasting.

You may have heard of the name “Spy Wednesday”: this is the Wednesday of Holy Week, the day upon which Christ was betrayed by Judas. This betrayal would later be sealed by a false kiss. There is a very helpful meditation in one of our publications: Meditations from the School of Jesus Crucified. It details the reality that the grasp of one passion of ours not mortified can lead us to betray Jesus in a manner worthy of eternal damnation. I don’t have better words than the Passionist priest who wrote these meditations…so I leave it to him.

Wednesday has been a traditional day of penance for centuries, especially in the monastic life – even more so in the monastic fast which goes from the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross until Easter.

We can only help others by helping ourselves – that sounds selfish – it isn’t, in that, what I mean is, we can only affect change in others by first changing ourselves. In this regard, I encourage this initiative – of reclaiming the rainbow – that sign of hope that God will never destroy His people. It’s this reason why we have to band together. These men and women, especially Catholics who struggle with SSA or who are or have been trapped in the accompanying lifestyle, NEED our help. You will not know until your judgment or maybe even the general judgment just how much fruit is born by your prayer and fasting, your charity.

Please! Please! Spread the word about this initiative in your parishes, among your friends, your family. And if anyone would be able to assist me in translating the main page for the initiative into your native tongue, please, please, please contact me!

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