Station Church of Rome: 11

The practice of early Roman Christians of visiting the tombs of the martyrs became the Lenten “statio” of processing and gathering at a different church each day. This gives us the name “Stational church”

— Sabbato Quatuor Temporum Quadragesimae — Statio ad S. Petrum —

It was here that Saint Paul of the Cross and his brother, in the poverty of their black tunics, knelt and prayed, as faithful sons of the Church.

This was in the beginning days of their time in Rome. Their devotion as they knelt in prayer at the tomb of Saint Peter made an impression on a monsignor who saw them praying. He later became a great supporter of the work of Saint Paul of the Cross.

We can only surmise the prayers in the hearts of this Holy Founder and his brother, who was the greatest support for Saint Paul. They must have been seeking the assistance of Saint Peter, the rock on which the Church was founded, and having immense gratitude for the example of Saint Peter, especially in the penance after he had thrice denied Our Lord, leading unto his own martyrdom.

The obelisk of St. Peter’s Square — at the top of which there is a Relic of the True Cross

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