Update on Publication: Sunday Gospels

Some of you have been following my project over the past year — the compilation of commentary on the Sunday (and Major Feasts) Gospels. The first phase was completed last Fall, but the editing phases have been moving slowly as I’ve been finishing my degree.

I am very grateful to all of you who jumped on the bandwagon with this project that I have been envisioning for some years now. I couldn’t have gotten this far along without your initial assistance. You also helped me provide some theology students in Rome with work. God reward you for this. Anyone still looking to assist this project and receive the initial copies of this multi-volume work can look HERE to help.

Screenshot of a page of work.

I ask for your continued patience with this project. It is massive. BUT, I’ve made a great achievement over this past weekend: 100 pages of the 1,000+ page work are READY FOR PUBLICATIONS (requiring just one more phase of editing and any formatting decisions to ensure you don’t receive just helpful resource but also a beautiful set of volumes).

Some of you have written privately to ask about the project. Please do not hesitate. But I do hope this post helps you understand how your contribution has made this project possible. Thank you again.

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