First Saturday: January 2021

The relic of Jesus’s crib — Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

On first Saturdays, we have the especial occasion to contemplate that which Mary kept in her immaculate heart. May today and this year be an opportunity to become more and more assimilated to that most pure heart, to that heart which contemplated the Son of God — in His birth, His infancy, His childhood, His years untold, His public ministry, His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

For the First Saturday devotions, go HERE.

For those who have been following the progress of my Catena Aurea: Liturgical Year project. I am continuing to work diligently. I am grateful for your patience; the end of the project is in sight — I am going through this project with a fine tooth comb to ensure the end product is beautiful and error free. God reward you for your support of this project!

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