First Saturday: August 2021

Tomorrow is the traditional Feast of St. John Vianney. So I turn to Pope Benedict’s words from an Angelus Message on the Feast of the Assumption, in 2009.

“‘The Blessed Virgin,’ [Saint John Vianney[ used to say, ‘is immaculate and adorned with all the virtues that make her so beautiful and pleasing to the Blessed Trinity’ (B. Nodet, Il pensiero e l’anima del Curato d’Ars, Turin 1967, p. 303). And further: ‘The heart of this good Mother is nothing but love and mercy, all she wants is to see us happy. To be heard, it suffices to address oneself to her’ (ibid., p. 307).


“The Holy Curé d’Ars was attracted above all by Mary’s beauty, a beauty that coincides with her being Immaculate, the only creature to have been conceived without a shadow of sin. ‘The Blessed Virgin,’ he said, ‘is that beautiful Creature who never displeased the good Lord’ (ibid. p. 306). As a good and faithful pastor, he first of all set an example also in this filial love for the Mother of Jesus by whom he felt drawn toward Heaven. ‘Were I not to go to Heaven,’ he exclaimed, ‘how sorry I should be! I should never see the Blessed Virgin, this most beautiful creature!’ (ibid., p. 309).”

For the First Saturday Devotions, go HERE.

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