First Friday: September 2021

Jesus to Sister Josefa Menendez: “I desire that all reveal my love to those who know it not.”

We are experiencing troubling times. It can be said that each of us, in our own right, and each people of their own time experience troubling times, of every different sort. But, I feel it as well, and I am sure you do too, that these times seems to be particularly difficult. It seems one thing has compounded upon the next: matters of safety, matters of health, matters of faith, matters of state. Today, we can rest in the Sacred Heart. We can renew our Faith in Christ, we can renew our Hope in Christ, and we can receive the strength to Love as He loved.

We don’t have to ignore what is going on around us, but we also don’t have to fear. We do not know what God will ask of each of us specifically — but we do know that He desires that we reveal His love to those who know it not.

Find the First Friday devotions HERE, and renew your trust today in the Heart which beats for love of you!

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