Expanding our Content

As I come to a close with the Catena Aurea Liturgical Year Book Project, I am looking forward to the work that I will be doing with this online apostolate.

For years, I have worked to present to you the spiritual and historical aspects of the Roman Stations Churches during the Season of Lent. My hope is to expand on this and present a catechetical video series on the Roman Station Churches.

I have an introduction video on YouTube posted below. I encourage you to give that a listen and to subscribe to YouTube and turn on the notification bell, so you never miss a future video. I’ll be working hard over the next couple months to ensure my video skills and editing improves. But, in the meanwhile, I’ll have videos like the one below prepping the way for the coming series.

Also, I have set up a Patreon account. I want to keep most, if not all, of my content free. But if it is something that you would like to participate in behind the scenes and support my work the Patreon page is there for you. I also ask that you never hesitate to make requests on content, to send in questions, or to just give me helpful counsels on how I can present all this beautiful content in a way that it deserves.


And now for the YouTube video on “What is a Crux Stationalis?”

And for all of you on Instagram, head on over to my page and follow! : Crux Stationalis Instagram

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