I need your help

I love providing all this content for you. One thing that would really help me, is if you would spread the news to your family and friends concerning the growing YouTube channel for Crux Stationalis. Every subscription helps me reach that first 1,000 followers and the required number of hours watched [4,000 hours!!] on YouTube to profit from the videos watched on YouTube.

Your help in this way, more importantly, gets my content on to the screens of more and more! Who doesn’t want to see the beauty of Rome??

Here is the link for YouTube: https://youtu.be/UqmEs_iFo7k

You can share that with your friends or simply send this post to them!

Thanks for your help in this regard. Don’t forget to subscribe as well! So you see the videos as soon as they post! I hope your Lent will be filled with the beauty of Rome!

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