Roman Station Church: V, 2022

Things get a bit out of order in Rome. It’s the nature of this city, eternal, but always changing! In addition, throw a busy schedule on top of it — with liturgical life and studies and work.

Here is the Roman Station Church video for the First Sunday of Lent: Saint John Lateran.

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Every subscription helps and you gain access to some exclusive items that aren’t available on my other social media: audio recordings and some of my photos I capture in Rome and beyond.

Regarding the Liturgical Year Catena Aurea Project. I am awaiting the writing of the foreword by someone very important! But I can’t rush it. I also am unable to rush the editing process. All the text is there and divided in the four volumes etc. But its 1,200+ pages — I don’t want your copies to be full of errors… But it takes a lot of patience to go through this work and not have the eyes glaze over. I hope in the meanwhile you are able to enjoy the Roman Station Church YouTube series. And I appreciate all your support and prayers!

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