Month of May


I’ll give you an update soon with all the continuing projects here. Instagram is growing. I’m working on a more unified presence on social media across the board. I am so happy for all the support and presence you have had on PassioXP over the years.

I didn’t want you to miss out on this opportunity. Discount codes have been rare over at Lulu the past two years. But there is presently a 10% discount code : IMAGINE10 on all printed products.

If you are interested in grabbing any of the Lulu books that I have head on over. The one I am particularly interested in sharing with you is “Month of Mary” which gives indications for living the month of May in a way which is especially devoted to Mary.

It was recommended in a letter written by Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, and that is how I found it. And the reason I made it available to you!

Find it: HERE

4 thoughts on “Month of May

  1. Dear Jacob,

    I wanted to order this book, but as I forgot my password for Lulu & received only a meaningless automatic answer for resetting, I wasn’t able to do so … If you can’t get to Swabia before the first days of May (not very likely, I admit 😉), it would be kind if you could arrange a shipment soon. Or make my Lulu account accessible to me again?

    Warm greetings, and thank you for your beautiful work on Instagram (I have only one small problem: the truncated snippets of music from the most glorious compositions … probably I should leave the sound turned off).

    Until maybe soon Susanne



    1. I’ll figure out a way to get the text to you.

      Yes, Instagram is a challenge with that. Which is why I was happy to move to YouTube. But then there is limited licensing to musical compositions that I can use.

      With Instagram however I have to be a bit smart with “marketing”… those short videos are seen by many more people. I attempt to choose the music so that it opens people’s horizons to beauty.


    1. I’m now going into full swing after Lent. I had to focus on the Roman Station Church videos. But now will return to full editing of the last phase. And I’m waiting for the prominent writing of the foreword which will be very exciting!!!


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