Translation of Roman Station Church Project

My exams are just around the corner. Then my summer will included finishing the Catena Aurea Liturgical Year Project. I, however, want to look ahead to next year and for this I ask your help. And, I really need your help spreading the news on this project.

Most of you have seen the Roman Station Church YouTube series. Since this project is Roman based and more broadly based in Europe, for this coming year I want to work on translating the videos into Italian, French and German. Then beyond that, Spanish and Portuguese (I have a large Brazilian following on Instagram that this would serve). But I need your help!

As I finish the book project, a priest aspirant whose at the end of his secular studies would work on the translation project in conjunction with me at Crux Stationalis.

Can you assist with this project? I’d like to raise at least half of the goal by the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul!

Donate HERE. May God reward you for your assistance in this endeavor. The YouTube playlist link is HERE.

Also, if you sign up as a $25/month donor on Patreon before the Feast of Pentecost, I’ll be sending you a Pilgrim Rosary that I’ve made.

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