First Friday: September 2022

My home altar.

I wish to reflect today on the disproportionality of Christ’s love….

We have the great gift to meditate and to reflect every month on First Fridays, but in general throughout the liturgical year on the immense love which is the Heart of Jesus. This is a love, a relationship which isn’t sappy, isn’t pietistic… it’s concrete, it’s real, it’s palpable.

Of course, we will get distracted and we will return His Love with hatred and disgust and the worst of sins. We will feel dejected and lost. Sad and alone.

But, there is only one thing we HAVE to do. In the greatness and infinitude of the Love of Christ, of the beating of His Heart pierced for you…. The ONE thing we have to do in return, is to think on Christ, on His love, on His Heart. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour…. Just don’t choose to offer to Him the minimal. Decide weekly or even just the night before: “Tomorrow I will give you these 13 minutes in prayer. Jesus, they are yours… I only desire to be with You.”

That little time we offer to Him, He will repay and has repaid with HIMSELF.

Don’t waste your time, looking for satisfaction elsewhere, only to be numbed by pleasure or ease. Go to His Sacred Heart today. Rest there.

The devotions for First Friday are here: HERE

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