First Saturday: October 2022

I don’t know whose here anymore. Would love to hear from you..

A lot of changes are coming up for me in the next month. So I’d certainly appreciate your prayers. One of those changes will also be a desire to get back on to the blog here in a more substantial way. The social media world has worn me out – as it is quite demanding. In demanding times, things slip up and it is hard to get back on track.

In discussion with a priest recently I was taken aback. I didn’t know him, an old Franciscan. The beauty of the faith is that we can reach quite intimate topics without needing to know much of anything about the other person. There is a trust. There is a shared wealth. There is a charity. And in some moments, we receive wisdom from others which doesn’t have to be ground-breaking but which breaks through something in our own hearts. This priest was speaking of how these times are difficult for the whole world, the news we receive on a daily basis. I thought to myself, in my cynical manner, Oh, sure Father, but we probably see that differently, or experience the difficulty from completely two different perspectives. I pushed the cynicism aside, and I just listened to him. He said, “As we walk around the city, we look up and we see the cross atop the church, we just need to remember, God is with me. As we pass the Crucifix and see Jesus hanging there, God is with me. …”

It might have been more the intimacy of the moment than the depth of the words, or maybe it was the simplicity of the sentiment which likened itself so much to God: “God is with me…”

We hurry by. We don’t let these truths linger within us. We fail to recall them.

And so we have First Saturdays, we have the Rosary, we have our moments of meditation, we have the Sacred Liturgy — not to do the “right” things, or to satisfy a list of duties or devotions. But, instead, to be with God and to recall, and live, that “God is with me.” Words which have power.

First Saturday devotions are HERE.

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