Stay tuned!

There is a logic to my madness. Today, I’ll go live as I walk to the Lenten Roman Station Church for Thursday after the Second Sunday of Lent: Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Then, I’ll publish today’s YouTube video (the full tour) on Sunday — the Station for Sunday is San Lorenzo fuori le mura. We have been there so many times that I will replace that video (this time around) with a video on today’s church. I hope you don’t mind.

This week we have been to :

Sunday: Santa Maria in Domnica

Monday: San Clemente

Tuesday: Santa Balbina [ONE day — when the church reopens]

Wednesday: Santa Cecilia

Thursday: Santa Maria in Trastevere

And we head to:

San Vitale on Friday and on Saturday we go to Santi Marcellino e Pietro.

Thanks for all your support with this endeavor. Every view, like, and share REALLY helps others to experience this beautiful Roman tradition.

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See you at the LIVE video!!!

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