Archangel Radio Interview

Just got off the line with live radio at Archangel Radio based in Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama.

Thanks for listening! Anyone new to Crux Stationalis — the Roman Station Church network, find out links here:


Instagram provides beautiful photos and short videos and live walks through Rome.


On YouTube we go to every Roman Station Church of Rome with immersive video tours and LIVE walks through Rome.

Coming soon you can explore theology in the kitchen with Crux Stationalis and my love of Italian cookery and eatery. [I make the best risotto in Rome…]


Facebook is the extension of Instagram and provides Instagram-like content to those who don’t have an Instagram.

So grateful for the nearly 100k followers across social media! Your daily lives in the faith inspire me to share my own faith through the Beauty of Rome and the Beauty of the Church!

Here is the interview, my interview starts after minute 20:00: HERE

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