First Friday: May 2019

A respite from the social media fast for Paschaltide.

You can find the First Friday Devotions: HERE

I will be announcing a new book project that I will need your help promoting. Filii Passionis will be looking for some funding in order to get the project off the ground and to speed along the initial stages of typesetting and planning. The goal of this project will be to produce a work that assists the faithful and priests with a resource to dive more deeply into the Epistles and Gospels throughout the liturgical year. More to come!

Happy Easter!

Dear Friends, I wish you a Blessed and Happy Easter! My time in Venice was very beautiful – and the community was very grateful for the assistance of my American priest friends – allowing Solemn liturgies to be celebrated during Holy Week.

In these days of Paschaltide, I will be taking a break from social media. I ask your prayers in this regard. A priest pointed out to me recently how Jesus appears individually to disciples after the Resurrection – he told me to let Jesus do the same to me, and to ask Him for what I need. I encourage the readers of Filii Passionis to not be afraid to be honest with Our Lord. Tell Him what you need, He knows already, but He likes to hear it from you. Be brutally honest with Jesus. Without this, you may not be being honest with yourself.

After Vespers and Benediciton with the Patriarch of Venice on Easter Sunday

Photo UPDATE: [AUDIO] Good Friday Tenebrae: Trinità dei Pellegrini

Tenebrae of Good Friday at the FSSP Parish of Rome (2018):


Detail of the prep work for the Altar of Repose at the FSSP Omaha parish (2018), where the group of young adults never ceases to amaze in their love and devotion for Our Eucharistic Lord: (more to come after their liturgy)

The following photos from my dear friend Elizabeth Coffey, one of the organizers of this Altar of Repose (2018):

Christ, in the garden, we adore Thee!

[AUDIO] Maundy Thursday Tenebrae: Trinita dei Pellegrini

From the FSSP Parish in Rome, the recording of the Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday (2018):

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Photo by my dear friend, Agnese, you may know her as the “Roman Pilgrim,” visiting the station churches each day of Lent!