First Saturday: June 2020

Meditate upon Christ conducting that sweet accompaniment of the angels who surround your heart, and let your heart with whatever beat it drums today, of worries, of sadness or sorrow, of fear sing to Mary a simple Ave, a simple Ave to that pure Lady who is the cause of our joy. Let her turn […]

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Spy Wednesday

Today, the day upon which Judas betrayed Jesus, we can think especially of those initial moments of temptation that we find so attractive — and when we have decided that it was “better” to betray Our Lord to His enemies than to resist the temptations which lead to emptiness and sadness. And we can look […]

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An odd First Friday: April 2020

One mantra that has been going through my mind and my heart during these extraordinarily odd days: “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor 12:9). Don’t take me for undermining the sacramental life of the Church and the sacramentality of the Incarnation of Christ nor the tangible yet transcendent beauty of the Holy Mass. […]

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Station Church of Rome: 18

The practice of early Roman Christians of visiting the tombs of the martyrs became the Lenten “statio” of processing and gathering at a different church each day. This gives us the name “Stational church” — Sabbato post Dominican secundam — Statio ad Ss. Petrum et Marcellinum — I remember when I was in Rome in […]

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