First Saturday: October 2019

Prayer to Our Lady by St. Francis of Assisi, whose feast was yesterday: Hail, holy Lady, most holy Queen, Mary, Mother of God, ever Virgin. You were chosen by the Most High Father in heaven, consecrated by Him, with His most Holy Beloved Son and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. On you descended and still […]

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First Friday: October 2019

Take the wisdom of St Therese: I can’t do great things, I can’t go off and evangelize, I have no special gifts, but I will be love! And with that I fulfill everything that is indispensable for the Church. Happy Feast of St Francis (my patron)! First Friday Devotions: HERE

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“Who is like unto God!”

With St. Michael, let us cry: “Who is like unto God!” And let us humble ourselves: There are weaknesses God frees us from, but others He leaves with us, precisely so that we stay small and poor, dependent on His grace, compelled to keep calling out to Him all the time. Blessed weaknesses that impel […]

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Why Wednesday?: The Noah Initiative

For those of you who haven’t seen the ongoing initiative called “The Noah Initiative,” you can check it out HERE. No one has asked why Wednesday was chosen for the particular day of fasting, but it’s helpful to know these things to help foster the courage to continue in our devotions and commitments. In reality, […]

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O Crux Ave!

Prayer in honor of the Seventh Sorrow of Mary: The Burial of Jesus Most sorrowful Virgin, sorrow again filled your heart when the sacred body of your Son was taken from your arms, and placed in a cold grave. Yet you did not doubt that He would rise again. We should always look at the […]

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