Happy Easter!

Dear Friends, I wish you a Blessed and Happy Easter! My time in Venice was very beautiful – and the community was very grateful for the assistance of my American priest friends – allowing Solemn liturgies to be celebrated during Holy Week. In these days of Paschaltide, I will be taking a break from social […]

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Wednesday in Holy Week

There is one more phase in Pilate’s weak struggle with his conscience and his sense of right. He thought that if he could have our Lord scourged somehow the mob would relent and settle for His release. So the scourging was initiated and carried out by Roman legionaries – brutalized instruments of a race noted […]

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Tuesday in Holy Week

It is strange how often a person who is too weak of character to do what he knows is right, will rack his brains for something to excuse him from doing his duty and thus will seize upon the first thing which comes to mind to relieve him of his dilemma. So it was with […]

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Monday of Holy Week

The whole sordid story of Christ’s appearance before Pilate is one calculated to set the least of us to some deep thinking, It is frightening to ponder how close Pilate came to justification rather than to the depths of scorn earned by him for his weakness of character and the abuse of his authority. Every possible […]

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