As mentioned elsewhere, my family made a journal for the whole year filled with memories, advice, and simply consoling notes. Today, my sister put a beautiful picture of the mountains in Colorado and told me to send her a picture of something beautiful.

My initial thought was she surely won’t want to see the Vittorio Immanuele monument. You can look it up; I will never take a photo of it. I try to maintain my principles, most days. I then was preparing the Altars for the Masses this morning and I looked at the Sanctuary. I knew then I needed to post Beauty Himself!

How weak we are and how easily we forget. How easily we grasp at perishable things and people. We can spend 15 minutes, one hour, two hours in the presence of others. Yet we have so many excuses as to why we can’t spend one hour before Our Lord present in the Tabernacles of all the world.

A short visit to the Blessed Sacrament by John Henry Cardinal Newman

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I place myself in the presence of Him, in whose Incarnate Presence I am before. I place myself there.
I adore thee, O my saviour, present here as God and man, in Soul and Body, in true Flesh and Blood.
I acknowledge and confess that I kneel before that Sacred Humanity, Which was conceived in Mary’s womb and lay in Mary’s bosom; Which grew up to man’s estate, and by the Sea of Galilee called the twelve, wrought miracles, and spoke words of wisdom and peace; Which in due season hung on the Cross, lay in the tomb, rose from the dead, and now reigns in heaven.
I praise, and bless, and give myself wholly to Him, who is the true Bread of my soul, and my everlasting joy. Amen.

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