Patroness of Omaha

It’s a long story, but I once called, in all seriousness, Omaha the ‘Rome of the West.’ I received blank stares from all of my Italian friends. My conviction stands. I post with Omaha on mind and the Patroness of the Archdiocese, Saint Cecilia.

After the usual Roman pranzo, my friends and I went to Santa Cecilia in Trastevere. Of course, we stopped in San Francesco a Ripa on the way and received a tour of a chapel where Saint Francis of Assisi stayed when he first came to Rome and was trying to present his Rule to the Holy Father.

Santa Cecilia was open and even had the most important chapels open. One being the Chapel that was converted from the Saint’s house, particularly the bath room (which was also one site of attempted martyrdom). The other being the crypt. Oh I would love to be the sacristan in one of these ancient Churches.. ‘oh sure Father, you can say the traditional Latin Mass at the crypt Altar of Saint Cecilia, no problem…’ Oh, I digress.

Well, here are the pictures. Be assured I prayed for the Archdiocese of Omaha especially!

When there is an arrow pointed with ‘Santuario’ above it, follow the arrow…


This is the room where Saint Francis stayed


I thought this angel’s expression was funny.


Part of the ‘bathhouse’ chapel. It was the room where martyrdom of the Saint was attempted.


Modern mosaics, but quite refined. Saint Cecilia, pray for us!



Thanks to my good friend who provided the photos.
Happy Feast of this beautiful Saint! We need her courage!!

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