Happy Feast of San Crisogono! And, of course, Saint John of the Cross!

I have been meaning to get to San Crisogono, as it is just across the river. My intention was to see Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, to pray especially for the women of my home parish and to pray for all women to take this holy one’s advice and example. She lived first as an obedient and loving wife, second as a gentle mother, and third as a mystic who received special graces from Our Lord. Note the order! Her duties came first, even before holy things and graces of locutions and visions.

I say this because nowadays we see so many ignore their duties. So many excuses are made and so few are able to extend a hand to help or a shoulder to bear some of the load. Laziness. Pleasure. Oh the days when distractions were holy things…

Anyway(s), I exhort you, I too need to follow this exhortation, to take the example of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi and live your duties well. Don’t forget prayer is also a duty.


The Nave.


Blessed Anna Maria Taigi!


I assume San Crisogono is in the High Altar. I will verify this. Happy Feast!

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