Prepare yourself for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi!

How sad are the souls who never gaze upon You, O Lord!

How dark is the world when men forget You are Our Lord!

How much love is wanting in the hearts of those who call You, ‘Master!’ We profess You in our ceremonies and so soon after we deny You amongst men. We fail to spend any time with You, but rather waste our hours in the company of men and satisfying our vain desires. It is not that we don’t have time for You; rather, our love is not strong enough!

This is true. When I fail to come before You, my Lord and my God, or when I do so distracted by worldly cares and desires, I fail to love You.

I turn to You, now. I make my heart ready for You, my Eucharistic King! May it be Your Throne, wherefrom You Reign! When You will be adored from Your Throne, with the lights of the Altar shining forth with the glory of the Paschal fire, may I in that moment and from thenceforth, subject myself ever more to You, my King and my God!


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