O Sacrament Most Holy! O Sacrament Divine!

img_0394Today I found words of Saint Paul of the Cross which were quoted to highlight his holy faith. They seemed very fitting for the many processions of the Most Blessed Sacrament which took place today throughout the world.

Faith blind and lowly
Is the guide safe and holy
Of all perfect love;
Oh certainly sweet
To my heart to repeat,
And ever to prove.

To these words, those of Saint John of the Cross can be added:

O dark and deeply clouded night
Yet lovelier far than brightest morn,
Which loved and loving doth unite,
And loved unto loving doth transform.

And may these words of Saint Paul of the Cross be our lesson today:

Oh how noble an exercise is it to annihilate ourselves before our Lord in pure faith, and to cast our nothingness into that great All, which is God; and to lose ourselves in the ocean of His charity, and to have our souls entirely penetrated with His love, to be transformed into Jesus Christ, and to make His sufferings and His sorrows ours. This is a lofty lesson, but God teaches it to those who wish to learn it. Love speaks little, and he who loves most speaks least, I mean in holy prayer. The language of love is fire, which burns, liquefies and consumes itself, as a holocaust before God; then the gentle breath of the Holy Spirit stirs up our worthless ashes, and raises them till they are lost in the abiss of the Divinity. O happy loss! O fortunate soul thus absorbed in infinite love! All this is done purely by faith and God teaches it to meek souls.”

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, Make our hearts like unto Thine!



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