The Holy Wound in the Left Foot

It is a good practice to meditate on the Wounds of our Lord. The work, “School of Jesus Crucified” suggests that in the turmoil of our days we should choose a particular wound to have recourse to throughout the day. We can attend to our Lord and seek rest in His particular Wound. We can make acts of love, of faith, of hope; we can seek the grace to grow in a particular virtue.
I encourage you to devote your day in a particular way to the Holy Wound in the Left Foot of Christ.

May your refuge this day be the Wound of the Left Foot of Our Lord. Ask in particular for the grace of holy perseverance. Trod the Way to Calvary embracing each cross you will be confronted with today and throughout this week. Be able to say with the Holy Apostle, “I have been crucified with Christ..”

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