It is not good that you should be alone

​Put Me first. Put My friendship before all else. You cannot live without My friendship. It is not good that you should be alone. Seek My Face at all times and in all things.Seek My open Heart present in the Sacrament of My love. I have called you to be My friend. I have revealed Myself to you as the Friend whom you have always desired, the Friend who will never mislead you, never disappoint you, never abandon you. Open your heart to My friendship. Seek My Face. Converse with Me. Listen to Me. Remain in My presence. Know that at every moment My eyes rest upon you. My Heart is, at every moment, ready to welcome you. I desire your presence. I want the attention of your heart. I want your friendship in response to the friendship I have offered you. My Heart has a particular love for you, a love that My Father destined for you alone and for no other from all eternity.

How it grieves My Heart when the unique love I offer a soul is spurned, or ignored, or regarded with indifference! I tell you this so that you may make reparation to My Heart by accepting the love I have for you and by living in My friendship. Receive My gifts, My kindnesses, My attention, My mercies for the sake of those who refuse what I so desire to give them.

Text taken from In Sinu Jesu.

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