My Queen, Queen of Peace

I go to confession at Santa Maria Maggiore and after making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, I stop here before Our Lady. Today, the bell struck Noon as I knelt down before Our Lady, and I was able to pray the Angelus.

This little visit reminded me of words of Saint Gabriel. In writing to his father, he said: “Be quite certain of this, dear Papa, and believe the word of your son who speaks to you from a full heart. I would not exchange one single quarter of an hour spent with the Most Holy Virgin Mary, our Counselor, our Protectress, and our Hope, for a year, no, not even several entire years passed in the glitter and enjoyment of the world.”

If you don’t trust my words, trust those of Saint Gabriel. Pray the Rosary. Simply kneel before Our Lady and spend time with her. Her solicitude for her children is more than we can imagine. In everything, make her your help.

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