First Saturday: February 2018

Altar at Saint John Cantius, Chicago - photo by Johnnatan Ibarra
Altar of Our Lady – Saint John Cantius Church, Chicago. Photo by Johnnatan Ibarra.

The end of this month brings the Feast of Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows (February 27).

Let us turn to him as an example, first of humility, recognizing his own weakness and early reservations to put off the old man, and secondly, his utter devotion to Our Lady, as the champion of any and all success he would find in being united to the Heart of Christ.

From a sermon on Saint Gabriel:

Beside the Cross — so close as to be almost one with it — Gabriel found something else; at once his life, his sweetness, and his hope; his model and inspiration, his tower of refuge and strength, his way to Christ, his joy and crown and all after Christ Himself — MARY THE MOTHER OF JESUS. He did not find her all at once, though. But once found, she led him on and on to speedy perfection.

For the First Saturday devotions, go HERE.

From Day 21 of the next publication (soon to be published) by Filii Passionis (a pocket-size book of 31 days of meditations):

Consider: the anguish of heart experienced by Jesus at the sight of Mary.

He beholds her sorrowing, weeping, overwhelmed with the bitterest grief, and when the eyes of the Mother and of the Son meet, how deep a wound is inflicted on the tender Heart of Jesus! Jesus loves Mary as His Mother. Jesus, the most loving of Sons, entertains the most indescribable feelings of affection for Mary, the most amiable of mothers. How great, then, and how bitter must be His grief at beholding this beloved Mother so deeply afflicted and anguish-stricken on His account? Oh, hard indeed must that heart be which does not compassionate Jesus in this new suffering!

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Photo by a classmate of mine.

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