Stage 1: Complete!!!

This is so exciting!! My newest book will be provided to 90!!!!!!! seminarians!

This wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of some benefactors (and even some first-time benefactors!!)!

I want to thank these benefactors and ask for prayers for their intentions in gratitude for their generosity:

Two anonymous benefactors,

Miss Meredith Smith,

My siblings,


Mrs. Paula Wachholtz and her husband

I am so overjoyed by the generosity of these benefactors. The graces that will come from their generosity are innumerable, in being able to provide this new work of Meditations on the Passion for 90 Seminarians!!! So many souls will be affected in the ministry of these future priests!

Can you prayerfully consider donating to this cause? My goal is to provide this book to 500 seminarians. Go HERE to support this cause!!!!!

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

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